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There are few parts in the human body that are as variable as "The Root Canal System." This means that you may want to have an expert such as "The Root Canal Specialist" provide you with exceptional root canal treatment. As you can see from the images below, a root canal is not a cylindrical tube, but a maze of large and little canals with outpouchings and extensions. These "Root Canal Systems" are unique and different for each person. That is why it is very necessary to evaluate and treat this space with the correct combination of magnification (microscopes), technique (operator skill) and knowledge(Drugs and Instruments) that can only be provided by "The Root Canal Specialist." As you can see from the radiographs (xrays) and other images, there are several canals as well as smaller canals in these teeth. In order to provide you with consistent, reliable and predictable treatment, a root canal specialist is uniquely qualified to find, clean and disinfect "The Root Canal System" and provide you with safe and painless endodontic care.


Complexity of Teeth



As you can see from the graphics below, a root canal system is far from simple.  The multiple canals coupled with curvatures, ramifications, outpouchings, multiiple portals of exit, and lateral canals(dipicted as white puffs in the above X-rays), illustrate a very different reality than just simple tubes or canals.  This is why it is essential for an endodontist to use the training and technology that only "The Root Canal Specialist" possesses to provide you with unparallaled expertise.  Rest assured, "The Root Canal Specialist, Dr. Alex Parsi" will remove all the tissue and bacteria that will make your root canal treatment extremely predictable, comfortable and easy during your treatment and post-operatively.  


In the below graphic, one can see the intracacy of the "Root Canal System".  As you can see, the complexity of these systems can only really be observed and treated with high magnification microscopy.  Therefore, Dr. Parsi will only trust his patients' welfare to Zeiss Microscopes.  With this technology, Dr. Parsi can see "The Root Canal System" up to 40X closer than the naked eye and therefore will detect and treat all of your root canal intracacies and microstructures which are not apparent to clinicians without the microscope.  



The anatomy of teeth is so essential to the treatment of the disease states that are apparent in the orafacial region.  As you can appreciate from the anatomy diagrams below, the infection of a tooth can be as minimal as decay(a cavity), pulpal disease and abscess, to full blown infection of the underlying bone and peripheral tissues.  If this type of infection goes uchecked or untreated, it is common to develop a diffuse, painful and aggresive infection(Cellulitis), which will involve facial deformity and has a general health risk.  The individual may also need to hospitalized.  This is why it is imperative to consult "The Root Canal Specialist" in order to treat your abscess thoroughly so that infection resolves but also does not reoccur.  In fact, most of the patients referred to "The Root Canal Specialist, Dr. Alex Parsi" are in need of revision or retreatment of endodontic cases that have failed or become severely reinfected. 




The images to the right show the structural anatomy of dentin.  Through these electron microscopic images, one can appreciate the complexity and  convoluted nature of the microstructure of "The Root Canal System". Therefore, it is very apparent that teeth that have been already treated and/or in need of treatment, would benefit from a clinician that uses The Zeiss Dental Microscope. In fact, failed or infected root canals are the most often referred cases to Dr. Alex Parsi, The Root Canal Specialist.   This often occurs because the original clinician was unable the rid the tooth of the remaining tissue and bacteria that are the cause of the infection and resultant abscess.   Through Dr. Parsi's unique training and knowledge, he has been able to save/salvage thousands of teeth that were mis-treated and/or poorly treated by other clinicians.  





As you can appreciate from the images below, dental disease can manifest itself in the most elementary and simple stages as decay(a cavity).  If it progresses further, the pulp or the nervous complex which is housed in the "Root Canal System" is affected initially with inflammation and then with infection or an abscess.  If left unchecked or untreated, this abscess will spread to the underlying bone. At this point, the individual can be in a considerable amount of danger.  The infection may spread further into the bone and underlying tissues and manifest itself as tiredness, swelling, fever, facial deformity and extreme pain.  The patient may have to undergo further surgery and/or hospitalization in order to overcome this crisis.  Dr. Parsi, is uniquely qualified to prevent all of these horrible scenarios by performing a comprehensive initial root canal treatment to prevent future infection or perform a retreatment or revision to abate the persistent existing infection.  As you now know, many root canal procedures have to be retreated due to poor or ineffective initial root canal treatment.  Rest assured, you will get the most exceptional and comprehesive care with "The Root Canal Specialist, Dr. Alex Parsi" in order to avoid future infection or reinfection.