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"I went to Dr. Parsi because his fees were extremely fair compared to similar dental specialists on the Westside. Yet, the quality of care and Dr. Parsi’s expertise were second to none."

"Dr. Parsi was instructive, compassionate, and had an extremely gentle touch. He explained everything to me thoroughly, listened to my concerns and did a painless root canal procedure."
M. Z.

"Dr. Parsi did such fabulous job. I had been to a root canal specialist in Beverly Hills but he couldn’t treat my tooth after two procedures. Dr. Parsi, not only did a thorough job on my root canal but explained all my options in his educationally advanced office. I had absolutely no pain even when the Novocain wore off that day."
R. C.

"I have never been so relaxed at a dental appointment. I have always been so scared of the dentist. Dr. Parsi made it look easy. "
D. W.

"I am usually afraid to go to the dentist. I was so impressed that I had a root canal and it didn’t hurt. It was the best dental experience I have ever had."
R. D.

" I went to a root canal specialist that didn’t solve my pain issue and then I went to Dr. Parsi. He relieved my pain in one appointment and my tooth has never felt so good."

"I usually have panic attacks in the dental chair but Dr. Parsi made me extremely comfortable. It was actually an enjoyable experience."
D. J.

"Dr. Parsi had treated me in Palm Desert for my first root canal. I wouldn’t trust my teeth to any one else so I made the trip to LA for my second root canal. "
R. R.

"When I first arrived at Dr. Parsi’s office, I felt like I was home. Immediately, I felt calm and rather impressed with my surroundings. It was not like any dental office I had ever been to. The appointment was over before I knew it."

"I have never been so satisfied with my dental care as I was at completion of my root canal at Dr. Parsi’s office."

"Both my partner and I had to have root canals. Dr. Parsi was very professional, straight forward and really knew his stuff. He didn't seem to want to push anything other than what we needed to have done, and only did the work he needed to. "

"I have a very odd root due to my heritage and he knew exactly how to work with it. His office was extremely clean, and he has all the current equipment and the x-ray machine to see deep into the gum. He also has a special microscope he did his work with. It's wonderful having someone that knows his stuff and has the knowledge and equipment to do a great job. "
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