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Los Angeles Endodontics and Implant Specialists has been continuously serving the community during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are available to you 24 hours a day for all your dental emergencies.

Los Angeles Root Canal Specialist, Dr. Alex Parsi, has practiced endodontics without compromise for the benefit of his patients for 26 years. He started Los Angeles Endodontics in 2007 with the best technologies the discipline could offer. The office boasts 3-D imaging (CBCT), Digital Radiography, Digital Imaging, Zeiss Microscopy, Advanced Anesthesia Delivery System, Multiple advanced ER/YAG lasers and the most advanced Dental Implant delivery systems.  Rest assured,  Dr. Alex Parsi will provide you with the most comfortable and comprehensive endodontic and dental implant care possible.

Los Angeles Endodontics and Implant Specialists, prides itself on being the only endodontic destination in Downtown Los Angeles. Located in the city center, blocks away from LA Live, we are uniquely located and equipped to provide service to "The Los Angeles and International Elite", Diplomats and Dignitaries. Dr. Parsi is one of the few root canal specialists in Los Angeles that performs dental implantology and is uniquely qualified to give you a very objective opinion of success and failure of your overall treatment. Predictability of your treatment, retention of your teeth, painless dentistry and exceptional service are the cornerstones of our patient care philosophy.

Dr. Parsi's expertise and opinion about endodontics, oral infection, tooth retention and implantology are so sought after that he has appeared as an expert on the highly acclaimed Television Show, "The Doctors". In addition, he is currently consulting several companies on different areas of endodontics, among which are diagnosis and instrumentation.

Welcome to Los Angeles Endodontics and Implant Specialists, LA's première endodontic office for comfortable, affordable, and advanced root canal care and if you should need to be treated for a dental implant. Dr. Parsi has two accreditations from the International Congress of Oral Implantologists.  Treat yourself to exceptional care without the Beverly Hills cost. It is only your health and well being and you are worth it.

Thank you again for considering Los Angeles Endodontics and Implant Specialists. Our mission is to exceed all of your expectations as your "Dental Advocate".

Alex A. Parsi D.D.S.
Los Angeles Root Canal Specialist

The Root Canal Specialist

"The Root Canal Specialist" is a dentist with several years of extra training. Often referred to as an endodontist, "The Root Canal Specialist" has a very comprehensive knowledge of the root canal space and all aspects of root canal treatment. This is why most patients are referred to the "The Root Canal Specialist" to revise, (retreat) in other words, redo poor and/or infected root canal treatments. "The Root Canal System" is a very complex, convoluted, multifaceted and often mis-understood region of the tooth. This is why there is a specialty of dentistry solely devoted to treatment of this space, called endodontics.

"The Root Canal Specialist" is also very qualified and often relied upon to relieve patients of severe, chronic and intolerable pain. They are trained to handle severe infections, swelling, abscesses, fractured teeth and trauma to the dental and alveolar structures of the face. Endodontists are also highly trained in microsurgical procedures concerning the jaws. But ultimately, "The Root Canal Specialists" are masters of diagnosis and treatment of oral pain. Endodontists are the one true advocate for the retention and restoration of your teeth.

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To our great patients, we are now offering Esthetic Laser and Ozone therapy for your dental and facial esthetic needs including wrinkle removal and sleep apnea care. 

In today's environment, many practitioner are often aggressive and hasty with extracting teeth and replacing them with implants.  At Los Angeles Root Canal and Implant Specialist, Dr. Alex Parsi's office, you will receive an objective viewpoint and assessment of the restorability of your tooth.  I am always far more interested in saving your tooth than extracting it but in some cases replacement of teeth with implants is more predictable and advantagous in the long-term.   Be rest assured that I will and I can save teeth that other practioners deem unrestorable. For an expert and objective viewpoint, let us give you our opinion.   Further, we have incorporated Ozone disinfection and laser steralization technologies into our everyday endodontic procedures.  This is why our procdures will be more predictable than other offices that do not employ Ozone or Laser Steralization.  In fact, in root canal revisions or retreatments, there are often more tenacious micro-organisms that are not predicatably removed with conventional treatment modalities.  This is where our Ozone and Laser technologies make us clinical leaders in endodontic care.