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Our practice strives to be on the cutting edge and will always make sure to meet if not surpass the standard of care.  Some of the things we offer include: 

  • Zeiss Microscopy
  • Suni CBCT-3 Dimensional Imaging-CT Scan
  • Suni Digital Radiography
  • Diode Dental Lasers
  • Advanced Anesthesia Delivery Systems
  • Oral Sedation
  • Nitrous Oxide
  • Memory Foam Chairs
  • Memory Foam neck pillows, blankets etc…
  • Virtual Reality Glasses/DVD entertainment
  • IPOD music entertainment
  • Endodontic Delivery Systems
  • Steam Sterilized Distilled Water
  • Optional-(AMT) Antibacterial/Antibiotic Medication Treatment
  • State of Art Emergency Equipment-Automatic Electronic Defibrillators




Better Diagnosis and Planning Leads to Better Dentistry

Diagnosis is one of the cornerstones of being an exceptional "Root Canal Specialist".  Los Angeles Endodontics realizes the value in utilizing cutting-edge technology.  This is why Dr. Parsi has embraced CBCT or the dental CT scan years ahead of his pears.    The Suni 3-D  is outstanding at diagnosing conditions that can not be detected or seen in conventional 2-D radiographs. Rest assured, you are getting the best care under the able care of Dr. Alex Parsi of Los Angeles Endodontics.